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 Configuration and Set Up


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autoINDEX > autoFILER easy installation and set up. Using a MySQL database makes it easy to scale from one to unlimtied workstations for document capture and document indexing and have the workflows immediately deployed across the organizsation.


autoINDEX > autoFILER Configuration Set Up






Installation Software


Required Installation Sofware
to run autoINDEX autoFILER Document Capture Software
1. XAMMP or other MySQL software (server or PC installation)
2. MySQL-Connector-ODBC-5.3.4-winx64
3. Enable .net framework in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, Win Server
4. autoINDEX > autoFILER installation Software 
5. OCR Modules




Database Connection
Configure MySQL Connection with 
Database IP Address and
Database Name


Configure autoINDEX > autoFILER




Configure autoINDEX > autoFILER and Start a new Workflow
Open autoINDEX > autoFILER document capture software, select
1. New Workflow, Name Workflow
2. Assign Workflow to Groups (if they are already set up)
Other Configuration Options include:
- Select MySQL database for Workflow repositrory
- Set Preferences
- Set Scheduler for Workflows
- Copy, Delete, Rename Workflow
- Assign Workflows to Groups
- Run Workflows as unmonitored process (external process)



Organize and Manage Workflows


autoINDEX > autoFILER Workflow Designer allows to define unlimited Workflows and Categories. From the Main Control View you can access:
1. Workflow List
2. Operations Log for all workflows
3. Select Active Workflow
4. Run Workflow as process (for automated unmonitored document processing)



Workflow Options Set Up


Workflow Options


Manage Workflow


Easy Design of Workflow Options
Step 1
By dragging the workflow options from the Workflow Options (top) to the Current Workflow the new workflow become operational.
Step 2 
By selecting Manage Workflow, the design can be validated an the process can be executed while monitoring the progress in the design view.
With Validate you check to see if the workflow is correclty configured. 
Selecting RUN, starts with workflow with active Control Window



Process Operations Log and Audit History


autoINDEX autoFILER Operations Log provide complete audit history and control about:
Audit logs contain all activities for each individual Workflow
This provides great validation about all
Capture, Index, Conversion and Filing activities.
Log can be exported or integrated with other databases



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