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1,200 DPI - Photo Scanning Service
3,600 DPI Slide  35mm Slide or Negative Scanning Services
Easy Pricing Structure
  • Easy and Simple Structure with no hidden cost. You only pay for final images.
  • No need to count the Photos. An estimate will do. After the photos are scanned we get the exact amount of scans
  • You pay only for scanned images
  • Pay after Scanning. No need to Prepay. After the photos are scanned we provide you the invoice with the exact amount of scanned photos


Photos from 3"x3" up to 6"x8"
$0.25 per photo. Scanning with 1,200 DPI 
Photos smaller 3"x3", larger 6"x8" up to 11"x17"
$0.50 per photo, Scan resolution for Photos up to 6"x8" is 1,200 DPI. Larger Photos will be scanned with 600 DPI
Album Scanning: remove and place Photos back in Album 
$0.10 per photo, If you do not like to take out the images from your albums, no problem. We will take out the images from your album, scan and place the photos back in the album. Please note that not all image can be take out. Also sheet protectores might not glue back on the pages afterwards
Scrapbook Scanning
$1,00 per page for entire page scanning (up to 11"x17)
35 mm Slides and Negative Scanning
$0.95 per Slide or Negative, scanning with 3,600 DPI
$2.25 per Slide or Negative, scanning with 7,200 DPI
Poster, Large Print Scanning
starting at $2,95. Final pricing depends on actual Image Size
Turn Around Time
$40 or $25 surcharge for 24 or 48 hour turn around. We also accomodate quick turn around time for rush jobs. This service depends on availability and production schedule. We strive to accomodate your requirements. Please contact us to discuss.
DVDs Included
$3.00 for each additional DVD
Minimum Order:
$50.00, excluding Shipping and Handling
Place your Order and
How to Pack and orgzanize your Photos
Organize your Photos in Sections or Groups:
Group Photos with rubber band or put in ziplock back and place Index Card or Sticky Note with the name of this sction or group (like "Vacation 2005"). Please write clearly and limit up to 20 Characters.
Packing Information
Do Not Remove photos from albums if you do not want to
Remove all staples, paper clips, post-it notes etc
Photos must be no larger than 11” x 17”.
Photos should be square or rectangular.
Odd shaped/cut outs need to be scanned at $0.50 per scan
Wrap images with rubber band or small transparent plastic bag or freezer bag.
Place photos in box for shipping
Insert Copy of e-Mail Order Confirmation in the Box
Shipping Instructions:
Buy your Shipping label (online or at shipping location)
If you do not purchase the Return Shipping Label we will charge you for return shipping.
Pack your Photos securely in your shipping box.
Ship it or request pick up by your shipping company
Keep receipt with your shipping tracking number
Shipping Destination:
Photo Scanning
7400 140th Street
Seminole, FL 33776
No Need to Count your Photos!
You do not need to get crazy with counting your photos.  After we scan we provide you the exact count for billing.
Please use below Contact Form to fill out your order.
By ordering you agree to our Terms and Conditions, the Copyright Agreement and Liability Limits.  Click here to read the VDOCS terms and conditions.
For payment we require a valid e-mail address. You will receive your invoice in e-mail. Payment is processed through Square up or PayPal with your Credit Card.
Please do NOT send us your credit card information. After you receive your invoice in E-Mail, click on the payment link and proceed with your secure payment.














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