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Explore our range of software solutions, including:

autoINDEX>autoFILER Capture Software

Automate document capture from scanners and multifunctional office devices, complete with indexing and conversion to full-text searchable PDF files.

VDS (VDOCS Document Search)

Quickly find information in your scanned documents through our eDiscovery and electronic forensic capabilities.

Custom Software Development

Leverage our expertise in developing custom software to automate document-related processes, forms, conversions, and analysis, utilizing technologies like HTML5 and Bootstrap.

PDF Bates Stamping Software 

Efficiently batch Bates stamp thousands of records with our automated process.

PDF Page Counter 

Identify document names, sizes, and page counts of TIFF and PDF files, with an Excel sheet for easy content analysis.

Experience efficiency, accuracy, and reliability with our comprehensive document scanning and software solutions.

Document Scanning Services

Discover top-notch document scanning services featuring advanced OCR capabilities for great accuracy.

Versatility Across Industries

Whether it's a large-scale enterprise project or a smaller-scale endeavor, our scanning services cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Comprehensive Range of Scanning

We specialize in scanning documents of all sizes, from the minutest details to large-format drawings.

On-Site Scanning Expertise

Experience the convenience of on-site scanning services with a temporary setup at your location. Our complete scan operation ensures you maintain control of your valuable documents.

Medical Records Precision

Ensure compliance with HIPAA standards through our dedicated medical records scanning services. We handle the conversion of entire medical records and offer seamless integration with EMR and EHR systems.

BluePrint and Wide Format Excellence

Experience superior blueprint and wide-format scanning, including historic drawings. Our services include indexing, bookmarking of drawings, and the creation of text-searchable PDFs.

Photo Scanning Excellence

Opt for 4K scanning, reaching up to 7K to 10K 1,200 DPI quality scanning for your photos. Our services include image correction, indexing, and orientation adjustment, all at the lowest prices for the highest-quality scans.

Legal and Litigation Support

Navigate legal processes with ease through our case file scanning and indexing, Bates stamping, and the creation of load files for case management systems.

Indexing and Document Conversion Mastery

Unlock the potential of advanced document indexing and classification, seamlessly integrated with document management systems. We specialize in creating searchable PDF files, ensuring accurate OCR, and minimizing file size for efficient document handling.


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